iPass opens up airport Wi-Fi


iPass renews relationship with Arqiva to offer international travellers access to extensive airport and hotel Wi-Fi services

iPass, provider of mobile services for enterprises and telecom service providers, and Arqiva, a communications infrastructure and media services company, today announced the renewal of their longstanding agreement that will provide all iPass subscribers with access to Arqiva's extensive network of wireless hotspots in airports and hotels throughout the UK, including at Heathrow airport.

Upon arrival in the UK, iPass subscribers can seamlessly roam onto secure and high quality Arqiva networks to help them to control data roaming costs and avoid bill shock. There is no need for extra logins and authentication as it all happens automatically in the background through the iPass client.

'We have the largest commercial Wi-Fi network in the world, which means we can offer business travellers fast, reliable and simple connectivity options. Partnerships with providers such as Arqiva are critical to this and that's why we are so delighted to renew our agreement. Through our partnership, we can provide our customers with seamless access to Arqiva's high quality, secure Wi-Fi services in UK airports and hotels, helping keep roaming costs predictable and transparent,' said Marcio Avillez, VP of network services, iPass.

Added Nicolas Ott, managing director of telecoms at Arqiva: 'WiFi access at airports, hotels and other similar premium locations is essential for any international traveller and by partnering with iPass we can ensure their customers have the best possible WiFi experience when arriving into the UK and beyond. We are very pleased to continue to work with iPass to provide ever greater numbers of international business travellers with ways to control their roaming expenses when they travel to the UK.'


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