Italtel launches into IoT market


An end to end architecture for e-health, energy management and infrastructure monitoring will be premiered at MWC 2016

Italtel, a telco involved in next generation networks, services and IP communication, has announced it will unveil a new range of services to address the growing Internet of Things (IoT) market at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

Covering key areas of energy, structural and environmental monitoring and smart health, the services are the first to apply Italtel’s network design experience to the IoT sector.

Italtel’s IoT platform will enable enterprises, utility companies and public sector administrators to enhance business efficiency and improve public safety and quality of life. It uses cloud computing to collect data from a variety of sensors and meters over several different networks before converting the raw data into useful insights and information.

Meanwhile, for the smart health market, Italtel has developed DoctorLINK, an end to end solution that enables continuity of care after a patient returns home from hospital. Based on WebRTC technology, DoctorLINK uses contextual communication to provide real time services to simplify the experience of outpatients and improve interaction between them and the hospital. The solution can also act as a therapy manager and scheduler, collecting healthcare data from IoT sensors to track a patient’s wellbeing in real time.

CEO Stefano Pileri said: “For an innovative company such as Italtel, it is strategic to leverage our experience in network design and real time communications technology to add value to the IoT market, which promises to completely revolutionise our way of living and working.”

Italtel has already successfully deployed its new platform to monitor a building’s power consumption and infrastructure, controlling the stability of key structures such as bridges and enhancing public safety. Many other projects are currently under development, extending the platform’s capabilities to other verticals such as smart farming.


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