Jasper drives connected vehicle innovation


Eleven automotive OEMs turn to Jasper and its operator partners to power in-vehicle services

Jasper Wireless, a connected devices platform powering the mobile Internet of Things (IoT), today announced the availability of the Jasper Connected Car Cloud.

Designed expressly for automotive OEMs, it enables automotive brands to transform the connected experience inside the vehicle for driver and passenger, from diagnostics, safety and security, to on-board infotainment systems, apps and Wi-Fi hotspot services.

The Jasper Connected Car Cloud has been selected by 11 automotive OEMs worldwide. The Jasper Connected Car Cloud and Jasper Platform are available via 15 mobile operator groups representing over one hundred countries worldwide.

According to forecasts from automotive research firm SBD, the global market for connected cars will be worth Euro 39 billion by 2018, up from Euro 13 billion in 2012.

Stated Jamie Moss, senior analyst, Informa: 'In-car connectivity has gone beyond cars being paired with mobile phones to the point where are now performing as standalone platforms for broadband content and services. Mobile operators and auto OEMs will not only provide access to familiar content in a format and manner appropriate for use within a vehicle, but also the delivery of specialised, vehicle-specific services.

'Critically for mass market adoption, LTE connectivity is being built into models of vehicle designed for all price brackets as part of the automobile manufacturers' 2015 ranges,' added Moss. 'LTE has gone beyond simply being an extra option for luxury cars; it's now a crucial part of the consumer experience.'

With Jasper Connected Car Cloud, automobile manufacturers can benefit from a range of features including: Jasper Control Centre, a connected device platform, cloud-based to enable enterprises to flexibly manage IoT services, providing operational automation, real time diagnostics and rate plan management; Global SIM, an end to end solution enabling manufacturers to manage a single SIM worldwide, while maintaining local service from local operators; and Third Party Rating, allowing new business models that allow third parties to be charged for data consumption inside the vehicle, relevant to the location and preferences of the car's occupants. Said Scott Barkley, vice president of products at Jasper: 'The whole concept of the 'family car' has changed. It's no longer just about how many people and bags you can fit in the car, but how the whole in-car experience can be tailored to each person before, during and after each journey. Whether it is movies streamed over LTE to keep passengers entertained or driver safety and road traffic information, OEMs need the flexibility to be able to innovate with different business models, content partners and rating plans. And they need to do this globally, all backed by powerful and high quality networks.'


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