Jinny Software to demo LTE-ready solutions at MWC


Jinny Software, global supplier of messaging, call completion, mobile advertising and rich communications solutions to wireless carriers, has announced new product demonstrations planned for Mobile World Congress.

The rise of 4G networks coupled with the spread of over the top (OTT) VoIP and instant messaging services is now threatening to seriously erode voice and messaging revenues for mobile operators. Jinny Software’s award-winning VAVOOMB promises to remedy that issue, by enabling operators to offer everything the OTT providers do, with the added benefit of tying it all in with the subscriber’s MSISDN and the reliability and quality of circuit-switched networks.

'Subscribers currently have to maintain several different identities to use VoIP and instant messaging over IP,' said Richard Choi, Jinny chief commercial officer. 'What we are doing allows people to participate in VoIP calls, instant messaging, social media, SMS, and standard voice calls with nothing more than their own mobile number. The great benefit to the operators is that they can provide all this with one solution, and maintain the same service and billing relationship with customers that they have always had.'

The Jinny 4G Messaging Centre (4GMC) has native support for both IMS and 2G/3G circuit switched networks. This provides a seamless customer experience regardless of the network they are attached to, from store-and-forward capabilities to personalisation and charging. It also simplifies the network architecture, bypassing the need for a separate IP SM Gateway.

With its modular architecture, the Jinny 4GMC can act as a CS/PS SMSC, an SMS Router, an IP-SM Gateway or an SMS Store. Each module can scale independently depending on the requirements. A rules engine allows configuration of routing, filtering and charging actions using a very simple web-based interface.

Without needing additional hardware or software, the Jinny SMSC provides a wide range of features that enable operators to boost customer loyalty and messaging revenues, like personal black/white lists, forward, auto-reply and Closed User Groups.

The 4G SMSC is founded on Jinny’s distributed componentised architecture, which supports the industry-leading performance, high availability and cost-effective scalability for which Jinny products are known.

'The mobile communications market is moving faster and faster. At Jinny, we listen to our customers and provide solutions to help them stay on the leading edge of value-added services. Jinny ViO will enable them to not only conserve resources by reducing their server footprint and supplier costs, but to execute new product launches easily and quickly,' said Max Wilkie, Jinny CEO.


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