Nokia and Technicolor announce VR content partnership


Nokia and Technicolor will collaborate on live action 360 projects at the Technicolor Experience Centre

Nokia and Technicolor have announced a partnership where the two companies will work together to create new and compelling virtual reality (VR) content utilising Nokia’s OZO+ camera and OZO content creation tools.

The first project will be a series of 360 Masterclass sessions to be held at the Technicolor Experience Centre (TEC) in Los Angeles. The initial course will give professionals an indepth look on how to create compelling VR films and how the medium differs from traditional cinematic experiences. As part of this partnership, OZO+ will have residency at the TEC.

The Technicolor Experience Centre is where artists and scientists from across the industry come together to realise the full potential of immersive media. By uniting talent from Technicolor and its creative brands with partners from fields as diverse as gaming, animation, traditional media and technology, Technicolor enables the ideation, exploration and creation that pushes the boundaries of what immersive experiences can be.

Marcie Jastrow, SVP of immersive media and head of the Technicolor Experience Centre, said: “In the creation of immersive content, live action cameras are key to the storytelling process, and Nokia has invested a lot of time and research in understanding how to provide content creators with the tools they need to produce high quality image capture.

‚ÄúTechnicolor has a long history in applying our industry leading colour-science capabilities and image processing pipeline to work with camera manufacturers in order to create the highest quality capture techniques and outcomes. That is why the Technicolor Experience Centre is proud to be partnering with Nokia to offer classes that will explore the creation of high quality immersive content.”

Csilla Kozma, head of content relations, Nokia Technologies, said: “We have been working with Technicolor and its brands such as Moving Picture Company (MPC) to deliver amazing projects like the OneRepublic’s ‘Kids’ music video, ‘Heroes,’ and ‘Playtime.’ The opening of the TEC allows us to elevate our relationship and share the key learnings we have gained in virtual reality with a wider audience through a series of Masterclasses.”

Beyond the OZO+ camera and OZO Creator, Nokia’s premiere VR stitching software, Nokia has launched the new OZO Reality Platform, including OZO Deliver, OZO Player SDK, and Nokia VR format extensions, enabling higher quality experiences to reach broader audiences by allowing for delivery and playback interoperability. These technologies enable a broad ecosystem of partners to deliver higher resolution, spatial audio, and support for mixed reality experiences for content captured with any high quality VR camera system.

With the ecosystem of OZO tools, Nokia is delivering the next step towards “OZO Reality”, a higher level of consumer experience defined by superior immersion, new creative possibilities, and increased efficiency for the creation, delivery and experience of immersive storytelling.


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