Number of households using VR to double by end 2016


VR-merry Christmas with virtual reality increasing in popularity

One in 10 UK homes are expected to have virtual reality (VR) technology in their home by Christmas, doubling the number currently using the technology, according to a report by Carphone Warehouse.

Gaming is set to be the most popular use for VR (51%), followed by travel experiences such as seeing the Northern Lights (21%) from the comfort of your home, and watching music concerts when you can’t be there (8%).

With nearly half (45%) of all adults having tried some form of VR experience, and 80% now aware of it, Carphone Warehouse predicts Christmas 2016 will be the first time VR devices cement themselves as a must-have item.

According to analyst firm CCS Insight, VR devices have had the highest growth rate among the main wearable categories this year; globally, sales units of smartphone companions (mostly smartwatches) are expected to grow 49%, fitness trackers and sports watches growth 30%, while augmented and virtual reality devices are projected for a 172% increase.

A number of VR headsets have entered the market this year, and for those who want escape from real world reality, there is a wealth of VR content available to try out. Take up of the technology, however, is not without its blunders; 10% of those who have tried it confessed to having struggled to get to grips with it. The research found the most common VR ‘faux pas’ is accidentally bumping into someone, or being so loud or animated that they have been asked to leave the room.

Altogether 10% of Brits admitted they’d secretly like to ask for VR this Christmas, but some feel it is either too expensive (57%), they might look silly using it (8%), or are confused about the content that is available to them (7%).

Dean Kramer, director of Accessories, Carphone Warehouse, commented: “Christmas 2016 will see VR become truly mainstream. Gaming is without doubt the reason most consumers are interested in VR but this is just the beginning. As more and more players enter the market, the more content and choice of headsets will become available.

“Whether it’s to visit the Maldives on Christmas day from the comfort of your sofa, or opting to enjoy the latest music gig during the Queen’s speech, there’s content available for everyone to try out, regardless of age or interests.”


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