Olympic tube Wi-Fi success


Average download speed for London Underground Wi-Fi reaches 18.36Mbps, 44% higher than when originally introduced before the Olympics started

Wi-Fi speeds tests have shown that the six London Underground tube station given free mobile broadband access for passengers prior to the Olympics actually increased in speed over the course to the Games.

Broadbandchoices repeated its broadband speed tests of the first six London Underground stations to offer free Wi-Fi ahead of the Olympics to find that speeds have increased since the start of the games to an average of 18.36Mbps by 7 August. The Wi-Fi hotspots, provided by Virgin Media, are now over twice as fast as the average UK landline connection which runs at approximately 7.6Mbps according to Ofcom.

Of the stations tested, Green Park clinched gold with an average download speed of 21.73Mbps, closely followed by Euston taking silver with 19.92Mbps and Kings Cross with bronze at 18.49Mbps.

Dominic Baliszewski, telecoms expert at Broadbandchoices, commented: 'London's tube Wi-Fi has proved to be an unsung hero of the Olympics, keeping travellers online, in touch and able to watch every nail biting moment of the games even if they're stuck on the platform instead of at the stadium.

'A 44% boost in broadband speed is extremely impressive, especially considering that the London Underground has had to cope with record numbers of passengers over the last two weeks. However, it is also a shaming contrast with households living in rural areas who are languishing on broadband speeds that can barely stream a 30 second music clip, let alone live footage of Usain Bolt breaking another record.'

Virgin Media's tube Wi-Fi service is currently free for all passengers to use until the Paralympic Games finish, when it will be free exclusively for Virgin Media customers.


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