Onebip launches one click mobile purchasing


New purchasing feature enables users to buy goods and services without SMS, mobile number, pin code or password authentication

Onebip, the mobile payment business unit of global mobile commerce company Neomobile, has announced a pioneering new single-click purchase feature for its mobile payment solution, Onebip Mobile Browser.   From today, brands, mobile companies and digital and online merchants – including games publishers, content providers, app developers, social networks and dating sites – can use Onebip's new one-click feature to provide simple and intuitive mobile payment.

The new one-click feature means that mobile consumers worldwide can purchase digital content and services, such as music and video downloads, virtual currency, media subscriptions and games, via the browser on their mobile device with just a single click of the Onebip icon.  Onebip uses an encrypted identification process to immediately recognise the user's phone number, which provides a secure, automatic authentication so that the user does not have to input any credentials such as a password or PIN. The user only needs to click once on the Onebip icon to confirm their transaction; no further actions are needed. The purchase is then charged directly to the user's mobile phone bill, meaning that even consumers without a credit card can use their phones to browse and buy. Onebip is compatible for use with both pre-paid and post-paid mobile contracts. In addition to its new one-click purchasing feature, Onebip Mobile Browser is smart enough to detect if a customer is using an iPad over an iPhone, and whether they are accessing the website or application via a Wi-Fi or a 3G cellular connection. Onebip Mobile Browser then automatically optimises the payment flow UI for the purchase depending on all these factors, streamlining the experience and increasing the chances that the transaction will be successfully completed.

Onebip Mobile Browser is also able to adapt to an individual operator's secure billing policies and requirements. It supports all major smartphone platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and RIM, as well as web-connected feature phones and other legacy devices. Said Massimiliano Silenzi, head of Onebip: 'Merchants, publishers and content providers at last have a simple, secure, single-click mobile purchasing solution. No PIN codes, no passwords, no SMS confirmation, and no need to pre-register for an account; with Onebip, you literally click to buy with one touch on your mobile phone or tablet. Onebip raises the bar for mobile payments and mobile commerce globally, helping digital merchants to monetise their products and services, and setting the standard in providing an intuitive, optimised and frictionless user experience for consumers.' Onebip Mobile Browser Solution can be easily integrated into any kind of mobile site, content, application or service that is accessible via a mobile browser, including web apps built using HTML5. Digital merchants and content providers can use the Onebip Mobile API to integrate the solution into their website, content, application or service quickly and easily. Onebip also handles directly complex processes such as payment flows and managing the user authentication, freeing the merchant up to focus on their core business.


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