OpenCloud selected by Vodafone Netherlands for LTE


Rhino deployed by Vodafone Netherlands to ensure continuity of operator services across legacy and LTE standards

Telecoms software firm, OpenCloud, has announced that Vodafone Netherlands has chosen its open standards-based Rhino products to support the forthcoming launch of Vodafone's LTE services.   OpenCloud's support of the deployment of LTE services follows an agreement that was signed in December 2012. OpenCloud will supply Vodafone with its Rhino SIS service-broker/SCIM and Rhino Sentinel to help converge services between legacy GSM and LTE domains in order to ensure continuity of service for all Vodafone's subscribers regardless of handset capabilities and LTE coverage.

The Netherlands spectrum auction ended in December 2012 and it is anticipated that the successful bidders will quickly roll out LTE service.    OpenCloud Rhino facilitates the rapid and cost effective development and extension of differentiated telecom services for existing legacy and IP networks. Traditional telecoms equipment is closed and proprietary, so only the equipment manufacturer can change the function it performs, making innovation and operator-defined differentiation impractically expensive and slow.

OpenCloud's mission is to enable telecoms operators to break free from those restrictions. OpenCloud's products are open so that the network operator and their chosen third party developers can enhance the telecom services delivered, and they can create entirely new services as required for their market. 'Fast paced evolution to LTE and LTE voice services requires an intelligent balance of quick win and long term strategy,' said Jeff Gordon, CEO of OpenCloud. 'The standards and best practices for delivering telco grade voice services on LTE are still to be established. Rhino enables Vodafone to span between legacy and LTE networks to create a powerful, flexible solution that facilitates early launch of LTE services.'


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