Oxy smartwatch launched on Indiegogo


Promotes opensource ideology, works with virtually every smartphone, and is made of only high quality materials

Oxy Technologies has announced that the Oxy SmartWatch is now available on lndiegogo.

Oxy is an Android-powered smartwatch that can run custom watch faces and Android applications in standalone mode or in conjunction with the user’s smartphone.

The company’s smartwatch supports phones running Android 4.3 or higher, iOS 8 or higher and Windows 10 (all via Bluetooth).

ln collaboration with lngenic Semiconductors, the Oxy team designed a smartwatch that promotes opensource ideology, works with virtually every smartphone, is made of only high quality materials, and looks and feels good on the user’s  wrist.

Oxy is powered by Android and ELF OS. Therefore, there are already countless applications available on the market, with the number of apps growing every day. The Oxy team works closely with the best Android developers around the world to deliver even more custom apps that can be used with Oxy.

ELF OS has already been adopted in Asia and, in collaboration with lngenic Semiconductors, the team has developed a custom version that will boost the adaptation of the innovative wearable operating system.

The Oxy SmartWatch is designed to truly looks like a watch. lt is equipped with the most advanced hardware solutions available.

Oxy comes in two shapes – round and square – and in two colours – black and silver. All models are, besides the different shape, identical in terms of hardware and software.

All versions  of Oxy are equipped with high resolution AMOLED displays and super-durable Corning Gorilla Glass.

To ensure that Oxy satisfies even the highest quality standards, the team decided to manufacture it from CNC finished 316L Stainless Steel, the same material used by established watchmakers such as Tissot, Omega and Gran Seiko. This provides Oxy with a high resistance against sweat and corrosion and also creates an elegant appearance.


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