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Gateway to China programme for developers, advertisers and brands expanded

PapayaMobile, a mobile monetisation and distribution company, has announced the expansion of its Gateway to China programme, which gives international app developers, advertisers, and brands the opportunity to reach China's 450 million-plus smartphone users through AppFlood, its global mobile ad network.

The programme was first launched in 2011, and was designed to help game developers introduce their mobile properties to a Chinese audience, guided by the expertise of PapayaMobile's Beijing-based team. The expanded program is open to mobile game developers, app developers, advertisers and brands from around the world, and aims to help them quickly and easily reach China's fast growing smartphone user base.  Commenting, PapayaMobile CEO, Si Shen, said: 'The mobile market in China is fundamentally different to the rest of the world. The market is dominated by Android, but virtually no handsets come with Google Play. This means there are no traditional mobile ad networks like the kind western advertisers are accustomed to using.

'To be successful, advertisers must manage a complex web of relationships between various mobile distribution channels. Without the presence of a local partner in China, this can be almost impossible. AppFlood's unique combination of a global infrastructure and a wide-reaching network of Chinese partners, content providers, and distribution channels solves this problem for developers, advertisers, and brands wanting to expand into China,' Shen added.

According to a recent report by Counterpoint Research, the Chinese smartphone market has grown to become three times larger than the US and now is the largest smartphone market globally with over 450 million devices in use. Altogether, 30 million smartphones were shipped in China during August 2013 alone. The Gateway to China programme offers the opportunity to reach 95% of these smartphone users, through Papaya's network of local Chinese partners.

Those joining the programme can expect to receive up to 900,000 new Chinese users daily for their mobile app. They'll also receive direct help to build direct relationships with each of PapayaMobile's Chinese app distribution partners, which include Qihoo 360, Baidu 91, Kingsoft, Anzhi Market, Xiaomi, China Mobile, China Telecom, UC, Wandoujia and DangLe.

More than 290 million mobile devices worldwide have so far connected to the AppFlood mobile ad platform since its launch in 2012, and in September 2013 more than a third (37%) of all ads served via the AppFlood platform came from China-based partners.

The Gateway to China program is open to developers, advertisers and publishers worldwide.


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