Priority Moments spreads to small businesses


New service opens up O2's 23 million strong customer network to local small businesses

O2 has today announced the next phase in its special offers service, Priority Moments, with a local dimension that opens the service up to O2 independent retailers and small businesses across the UK.

The service marks the next phase in O2's commitment to helping small British companies transform the way they do business. From today, local businesses up and down the country registered with the O2 network can sign up and immediately begin creating their own Priority Moment offers.

The service, which is completely free to use, allows businesses to create special offers and enticements to shop, while providing them with complete control and flexibility over the offers and experiences they create, from the type and quantity of the offer, through to the length of the promotion.

Priority Moments will enable small companies to harness the power of digital, mobile and location-based technologies, reaching O2's 23 million-strong customer network, and putting their brand on the map directly with the consumers they want to reach.

O2 developed and built the service to enable small businesses to respond quickly to the evolving needs of a changing consumer climate. With shoppers increasingly on the hunt for better value, special offers and unique retail experiences, Priority Moments enables local independent businesses to compete and gives local shoppers to opportunity to support their local retailers, encouraging business back to the high street and contributing to the local community.

O2's own customer research found that over a quarter 27% of small businesses cite marketing as one of the business tasks that they most struggle with, specifically to find the right way to reach new consumers or keep existing customers loyal.

Andrea Cohen from Number 35, a fashion designer and retailer said: 'We trialled the offer for a week and we noticed an increase in footfall which enabled us to build relationships with customers that otherwise never would have considered buying our products. As an independent retailer, it's difficult for us to compete with bigger brands, so that's why it's great to have access to a service like Priority Moments which gives us the sort of marketing reach which is typically the preserve of multi million pound businesses.'

Since its launch in July 2011, Priority Moments has helped more than one million UK shoppers save more than £8 million through 3,400 exclusive offers from more than 300 high street brands. The Priority service gives access to your sporting passions through a recently announced partnership with Nike,  Priority experiences in music tickets and high street shopping, all exclusively by O2, for O2 customers.

Ben Dowd, business director at O2, commented: 'The great thing about Priority Moments is that everyone wins.  The consumer wins, the British high street wins and the independent retailer wins. We know the level of competition is intense with independent retailers fighting to have their share of voice and trying to find modern and cost-effective ways to reach their customers. An ad in the local newspaper simply doesn't cut it in today's digital universe.'


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