Robot smartphone showcased by Sharp


Cute new device includes facial recognition and can dance

Electronics manufacturer, Sharp has created a robot smartphone, breaking the traditional device format and bringing cutting edge technology into new realms of cute.

The smartphone robot, called RoBoHoN, is able to interact with its owner, and should be on sale in Japan in the first half of 2016.

RoBoHoN is a 4G LTE smartphone with Wi-Fi. It is able to recognise the faces of its users, as well as stand in as the user’s photographer, walk, dance and sit up, and project photographs and videos onto tables and walls.

With a two inch QVGA display built into its back, a camera in its head and measuring at a mere 19.5cm or 7.5 inches high, this little robot is the first smartphone that does not look anything like one. It includes voice recognition so users can speak to it, and can be used as a normal phone or handsfree to make calls. Users can also send and receive emails, as well as download apps to RoBoHoN.

RoBoHoN can also be used as a mini entertainment centre, playing music and games.

Smart chimps thinks: Although it is not yet known whether RoBoHoN will be made available outside of Japan, this adorable device has a lot of pocket-sized potential. With our smartphones now our most treasured and important possessions, why not make them more personable, at least outside of the office? This robot simply takes Siri and Cortana into a new realm.


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