Samsung beats Apple: iPhone import and sale ban in US


Apple banned from import and sale of certain iProducts into US after found to infringe patents

Apple has been banned from the import and sale of specific iPhone's and iPad's in the US, as Samsung has won a patent claim against the iMegalith.

The new ruling from U.S. International Trade Commission reverses some of the findings in a previous case against Samsung.

It has resulted in a limited exclusion order prohibiting Apple from importing and distributing various iPhone's and iPad's that infringe certain patents, specifically those using UMTS 3G technology on the AT&T network.

Samsung bought the claim to the U.S. International Trade Commission, following its massive <a href='../FullArticle.aspx?newsid=1187'>$1 billion defeat in the courts</a> against Apple last August; Samsung was ordered to pay Apple over $1 billion in damages, while Apple was told it had not infringed any of Samsung's patents.

Following that disappointment, in September last year <a href='../FullArticle.aspx?newsid=1205'>Samsung went after iPhone 5</a>, when it amended its infringement contentions towards Apple.

Apple products that are now covered under the ban are iPhone 4 (AT&T models); iPhone 3GS (AT&T models); iPhone 3 (AT&T models); iPad 3G (AT&T models); and iPad 2 3G (AT&T models).

The Commission stated: 'The Commission has determined that the appropriate remedy is a limited exclusion order and a cease and desist order prohibiting Apple from importing into the United States or selling or distributing within the United States wireless communication devices, portable music and data processing devices, and tablet computers that infringe claims 75-76 and 82-84 of the '348 patent.'


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