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Mobile developer programmes launches at SAP for B2B and B2C apps

SAP has announced a free mobile developer license, a new SAP Mobile Apps Partner programme and additional support for integrating the software development frameworks from Adobe, Appcelerator Titanium and Sencha with the SAP mobile platform.

The company is inviting the mobile developer community to work with the company to create diverse mobile apps for all B2B and B2C environments.

Mobile developer offerings from SAP are designed to be simple and accessible, with an open platform that integrates easily with third party tools and supports industry standards without the need for upfront investment. Throughout the process, developers have access to support through the developer centre on SAP Community Network and the developer community, a one stop shop to learn about and develop applications using SAP platforms.

The company is offering a flexible, tiered engagement model including a free 30 day trial for developers looking to evaluate mobile offerings from SAP, a free developer license on Amazon Web Services offering access to a hosted developer environment through Amazon Web Services and a software developer kit local download, and the SAP Mobile Apps Partner programme, which offers comprehensive technical and commercialisation support, including the option to list packaged apps on SAP's apps marketplace that will allow developers to monetise apps on the SAP Store.

'Mobile technology has become the touch point that unites the workforce across any organisation, no matter the size,' said Sanjay Poonen, president, mobile division, SAP. 'We recognise that this presents valuable opportunity for the millions of mobile developers looking for ways to monetise and scale. For that reason, SAP has created an end to end support system that helps ensure that mobile developers around the world have easy access to SAP resources, from our developer centre and partner programme to the extensive options offered by partner solutions like Adobe, Appcelerator and Sencha. In doing so, we've created the easiest path for B2B and B2C mobile apps to flourish from inception to market.'


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