Self-service ad platform launched for developers


Perion Network has announced the launch of GrowMobile Self-Serve, the world’s first cross-network, self-serve mobile advertising platform. The product is an enhanced, do-it-yourself version of the technology built by San Francisco-based GrowMobile that Perion acquired earlier this year to address the advertising needs of mobile app developers. GrowMobile is part of Perion Lightspeed, the new mobile division of Perion.

GrowMobile Self-Serve provides app developers with the ability to self-manage all of their mobile media buying, measurement and optimisation on one dashboard with one convenient insertion order (IO).

“Today’s fragmented mobile advertising industry and lack of sophisticated measurement tools have challenged even the world’s largest media buyers to execute successful campaigns,” said Tomer Pascal, general manager at Perion Lightspeed. “GrowMobile Self-Serve was built from the ground up specifically to overcome these challenges and provide Perion’s customers with a new breed of solutions enabling them to meet, and even exceed, their respective business goals.”

By organising and automating the app promotion process within one user friendly platform, GrowMobile Self-Serve brings order to the mobile advertising ecosystem, providing a centralised system for buying media across hundreds of traffic sources. With GrowMobile Self-Serve, individual contracts, billing and other administrative operations are streamlined and reduced to a single process, freeing resources and allowing media buyers to manage all of their campaigns more efficiently.

Among its many features, GrowMobile Self-Serve incorporates ad networks, ad exchanges and DSP partners on the supply side, and partners with major tracking providers on the attribution-tracking front for convenient advertiser on-boarding. The new platform also provides detailed analytics, helping developers measure and optimize their campaigns, as well as an automated bidding system, a DIY retargeting feature and a concise traffic source index that amplifies targeting capabilities.

GrowMobile Self-Serve is inspired by GrowMobile’s fully managed service, designed by founders Brendan Lyall, AJ Yeakel and Minglei Xu. All three tech veterans hail from major gaming companies such as Storm8 and Zynga, and have experienced first-hand the pains of mobile marketing. Backed with this industry know-how, GrowMobile Self-Serve enables app developers to improve user acquisition, maximize ROI and meet all of their business goals.

“We’re proud to offer an innovative product with a unique value proposition to publishers and advertisers,” said Josef Mandelbaum, CEO of Perion. “GrowMobile Self-Serve, together with our other mobile initiatives, advances Perion’s vision and solidifies our place at the forefront of mobile advertising technology.”


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