Shoto picture sharing app launches


Allows users to automatically share photos from mobile devices, with friends that were there

A cross platform private photo sharing app has launched that enables users to share pictures automatically yet securely. Using location and phonebook details, the app named shoto automatically creates smart albums that unite all the photos taken together by a group of friends in a social network style of sharing.

Shoto's automation and intelligent operation does away with the manual picture-by-picture process that surrounds picture sharing today, which is the reason why over 1.2 billion photos are left unshared on smartphones daily.

When someone launches shoto, all of their photos are automatically organised intelligently into albums and backed up (at launch, shoto users have unlimited storage). shoto looks at the user's phonebook and matches these albums with those from friends that were also present in the same location at the same time. For example, if a group of friends all download shoto, they will instantly have access to each other's shared memories automatically, without any work.

'shoto works out which of your real friends are with you, and automatically brings together your and their photos into a single set of smart albums, so that you can enjoy memories without having to nag, be nagged and without looking at your photos in a piecemeal manner,' said Sachin Dev Duggal, cofounder and chief 'Wizard' at shoto. 'We are entering a world of new dimensions and context; private is the new social, people want to have intimate conversations about real memories with their real friends. shoto does exactly this, no manual process, no setup, just unparalleled ease and control.'

shoto is now available, for free,  in the Apple App Store and via Google Play.


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