Sierra Wireless launches Smart SIM with IoT connectivity


Provides optimised network connectivity, extensive coverage and flexibility to improve performance and reduce the cost of operating IoT applications

Mobile World Congress:  Sierra Wireless has announced its Smart SIM technology and connectivity service that provide customers with superior coverage and service quality to accelerate the deployment of global Internet of Things (IoT) applications. With the addition of its global Smart SIM offering, Sierra Wireless is offering a comprehensive, fully integrated device-to-cloud solution, including hardware, managed connectivity, and cloud services for multi-operator, multi-regional IoT deployments.

“Our Smart SIM technology allows us to provide our customers with a connectivity service designed for the coverage and quality of service that their IoT use cases require,” said Emmanuel Walckenaer, senior VP, cloud and connectivity services at Sierra Wireless. “When combined with our IoT Acceleration Platform, this unique, fully integrated device-to-cloud service accelerates our customers’ time to market.”

The Smart SIM automatically selects networks based on the best service available in any given location. It comes with multiple operator profiles already installed, effectively combining several mobile network operators’ roaming SIMs into one physical Smart SIM. The on-board patented applet then intelligently selects the best available regional network operator at any given time. This results in better coverage and service up-time.

Sierra Wireless’ fully redundant core network is designed and built for IoT connectivity and applications. The multi-operator Smart SIM selects the best available cellular network in any given location, ensuring the best possible data connection at all times. In the event a device loses network signal, whether in-transit or otherwise, the Smart SIM will detect this and re-establish the connection with another network automatically.

Said Chris Gnanakone, founder and co-CEO at Nube, an energy management company based in Latin America: “The quality of service capability of Sierra Wireless’ innovative Smart SIM technology was a key factor in our vendor selection process because we needed to maximise coverage across multiple network operators. It was important for us to choose a partner that could eliminate much of the technical risk in our solution. We were able to get to market faster because Sierra Wireless’ hardware is pre-integrated with the cloud platform.”

Added Daniel Nordholm, CTO for Bambora, a global payments company headquartered in Sweden: “In the payments industry it is crucial that our terminals are connected at all times, allowing our customers to transact business. The broader coverage benefits of the Sierra Wireless Smart SIM ensure we can deliver service to our customers at all times. We were also looking for a single SIM solution to serve all of our terminals regardless of geography in order to drive down the complexity and cost of deploying and supporting our global customers.”

Sierra Wireless has more than 700,000 SIM subscribers globally that count on its connectivity offering to power their IoT deployments. Customers manage and automate all aspects of the Sierra Wireless Smart SIM using the IoT Acceleration Platform, providing a simple way to integrate SIM logistics into their connected product or service.

The addition of the Smart SIM and Connectivity service to the broader Sierra Wireless portfolio now provides customers with all of the service infrastructure they require to create, deploy and manage their IoT applications.


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