Smartphone app launched for unified comms


App has the potential to end small businesses’ dependence on fixed phone, systems and personal multiple mobiles

Communications specialist, RIPTec, today launched an app for one unified multi-number smartphone-enabled dialler for business and personal use.

The app, called RIPDialer, means that staff of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) need no longer have one mobile for private use and another for business use.

In Britain alone, the app could help five million plus SMBs to slash the cost of communications by up to 50% on calling minutes alone, said the company, according to figures from Kew Associates. Significant savings will also be made by eliminating traditional communications hardware and maintenance in the enterprise, RIPTec stated.

RIPDialer is available for iOS and Android smartphones and is for use over GSM and selected VoIP networks. It is available to distributers as a whitelabel solution for their SME customers.

The market being addressed by RIPDialer in the UK alone exceeds £46 billion per annum, according to research from Kew Associates (2014). Kew Associates’ study also showed that the average spend per SME employee on telecom services is £600 per annum.

The service runs on GSM/VoIP networks but at VoIP rates, has a Replicall service to repeat, duplicate or re-produce a phone number, and has a cloud link to PBX and vPBX exchanges.

When a call is made from a mobile with the RIPDialer embedded app, it is picked up by RIPTec’s servers that handle and manage voice and data connections to the recipient. With the originating call coming from a mobile GSM network, there is no loss of connectivity or quality and first time connections are nearly 100%.

RIPDialer features include a virtual smartnumber that sits on a personal or company subsidised smartphone SIM to make and receive business calls. The virtual number is seen by recipients as the ‘official’ office number. For private calls and data, the user simply uses their SIM in the usual way and RIPDialer provides a personal space within the app for this purpose.

Other features of the system include voicemail, auto attendant, call transfer, call forwarding and recording, and number porting worldwide.

RIPTec also announced today that it has appointed The Pink Telephone Company as a distributor of its RIPDialer product. The product will be branded App2Chat and will be launched at The Business Show in London on 3rd and 4th December.

“RIPDialer is a product of our always connected mobile world,” said Mark Trowbridge, RIPTec’s CEO. “By helping businesses to cut the cord with traditional communications hardware and software and replace it with one unified smartphone per employee, they can slash the cost of communications in business by at least half.”


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