Speedify increases global server capacity


Enables faster, more reliable internet to mobile users wherever they go

Mobile World Congress:  Connectify, developer of consumer apps that let users do more with internet connections, has announced that it has doubled overall server capacity in reaction to the enthusiastic adoption of its new Speedify Mobile offering launched this January at CES 2016.

The Speedify Mobile app establishes a connection to the company’s Speed Servers in the cloud.  The technology works similar to a VPN by acting like a liaison between mobile devices and the rest of the internet. The app works in tandem with the Speed Servers to intelligently divide internet traffic at the packet-level, taking full advantage of Wi-Fi and mobile data to deliver the combined availability and speeds of both connections. In this way, even single applications like streaming video, VPNs, and file transfers are given a speed boost on mobile devices.

In addition to expanding capacity at its existing Speed Server locations, the company has now added four more European hosting locations, in time for Mobile World Congress 2016.

Speedify Mobile allows Android and iOS users to seamlessly combine Wi-Fi, mobile data and Bluetooth connections for faster and more reliable mobile internet connectivity. In Europe, where throttling produces unhappy and unproductive mobile users, Speedify helps optimise Wi-Fi and mobile data use delivering the best possible mobile experience while holding the line on payments for mobile data.

“These improvements support our goal to provide coverage wherever our users are throughout the world,” said Alex Gizis, Connectify’s chief executive officer. “No one wants to be inconvenienced by throttling or have to pay up when they prematurely reach their mobile data limit. Mobile internet is vital to how people get through their day to day activities, stay connected and entertain themselves. We are dedicated to enhancing that experience with fast and strong connectivity.”

Speedify Mobile is being offered with 1GB of speed-up data at launch with subscriptions for higher data use.

“The bottom line is that Speedify Mobile just makes phones work better. When users leave the range of their home Wi-Fi, Speedify moves podcasts and streaming music to mobile data without interruption” noted Gizis.  “On the other hand, for those connected to a slow coffee shop Wi-Fi network, the app automatically kicks in with a speed boost when they need it most.”


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