Splunk launches new development tools


Extending the power of Splunk software to quickly build big time data apps

Splunk, a software platform for real time operational intelligence, has announced the general availability of new software development kits (SDKs) for Java and Python.

The new SDKs make it easier for developers to customise and extend the power of Splunk Enterprise, enabling real time big data insights across the organisation. Splunk previously released a version of the Splunk SDK for JavaScript for Splunk Enterprise 5. The Splunk SDK for PHP is in public preview.

'Our mission at Splunk is to lower the barriers for organisations to gain operational intelligence from machine data,' said Paul Sanford, general manager of developer platform, Splunk. 'We want to empower developers to build big data applications on the Splunk platform and to understand that you don't need large scale development efforts to get big value. That's a key driver behind the development of these SDKs, helping developers quickly get started with Splunk software, leveraging their existing language skills and driving rapid time to value.'

The Splunk SDKs for Java, Javascript, PHP and Python are built on a fully documented and supported REST API and include documentation, code samples, resources and tools to help developers build on the Splunk platform. With just a few lines of code, developers can easily manage HTTP access, authentication and namespaces.

'Building a developer community around a software platform requires a strong commitment to a low barrier to entry. This applies to every step of the adoption process, from download to documentation to development. Splunk's focus on SDKs for some of the most popular programming languages, with underlying REST-based APIs, supports its commitment to enabling software developers to easily build applications,' said Donnie Berkholz, IT industry analyst, RedMonk.


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