Starhome Mach demos automated eSIM tech


Dynamically facilitates management of the eSIM at the business level to optimise M2M and IoT deployments

Starhome Mach, provider of mobile inter-carrier and machine to machine (M2M) plus Internet of Things (IoT) services, has integrated business intelligence into the creation of embedded SIM subscriptions (eUICC), allowing for complete automation of the process.

This capability is part of Starhome Mach’s approach of improving the management and connectivity of IoT, turning it into a profitable and effective business opportunity.

The technology is relevant for all fixed and mobile IoT devices, such as smart meters whose contract with the mobile network service provider has expired, and cars manufactured in one country and exported into another.

“While the operational side of downloading a new identity to the SIM is well defined, the actual business aspect such as deciding when and how to ‘localise’ devices in a global deployment can be complex,” said Guy Reiffer, VP marketing and partnerships. “Decisions need to take into account the costs in each country, the available quality of service (QoS) and other options that might be available such as permanent roaming.”

Currently, operators must approach each embedded SIM (eSIM) allocation on a one to one basis, according to the location of the device, quality of service levels required, and interoperator agreements. Starhome Mach’s solution provides the business intelligence to automatically optimise which eSIM profile to allocate among those available.

These capabilities for automated management are part of the growing requirement for maximizing the efficiency and monetisation of roaming IoT devices across the globe.

Business intelligence considerations for allocating an eSIM include: the ability to switch IoT devices between service providers for business reasons; solving the problems of permanent roaming, where devices are manufactured in one country and distributed worldwide; and ensuring better quality of service for critical devices such as life saving equipment.

Steering of SIM download is needed to ensure that the optimal identity is chosen while fulfilling wholesale cost agreements, network QoS, and other parameters. Thanks to Starhome Mach’s roaming expertise among more than 300 operators worldwide, its technology is already in place to accelerate implementation of eSIM technology.

“The addition of automated business intelligence to SIM download will dynamically facilitate exponential growth in the IoT sector,” concluded Reiffer.


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