Telefónica launches mobile connectivity for consumer kit


Launches ‘out of the box’ mobile connectivity for consumer devices with latest Gemalto cloud service

Gemalto, provider of digital security solutions, is supplying Telefónica Group with an on-demand connectivity cloud service that enables ‘out of the box’ mobile connectivity for consumer products such as connected PCs and wearables.

As a result, Telefónica can offer its customers seamless over-the-air management of a mobile subscription for any device fitted with an embedded SIM (eSIM). End users will be able to directly purchase, modify or update their existing subscription plan, without the need to fit or change a SIM.

The new Gemalto cloud service is available to all Telefónica Group mobile operators, extending across 17 different countries. Fully compliant with the latest GSMA Remote SIM Provisioning specifications, Gemalto’s solution aims at extending convenient mobile connectivity to millions of consumer devices and bringing new services to users, whether for health monitoring, asset-tracking, tablet and PC connectivity on the move, or fitness activities enhanced by a smartwatch without the need to carry a smartphone.

When combined with the cloud-based on-demand connectivity service, the eSIM saves space for miniaturised consumer devices, streamlines manufacturing and logistics while providing high levels of security. Gemalto’s solution opens new markets for mobile network operators, as well as opportunities for innovation, differentiation and new consumer services for OEMs.

“Seamless eSIM connectivity for devices such as connected tablets, smartwatches and other wearables is critical for widespread adoption of consumer products and services where connectivity is key to enhance user experience,” said Frédéric Vasnier, executive vice president for mobile services and the Internet of Things at Gemalto. “It is also a game changer for reaching excellence in the digitalisation of the customer journey, increasing usage while offering multiple device connectivity under a single subscription.”


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