TerraPay and bux partner for m-money transfers to India


Indian migrants in Australia, Hong Kong and Europe can send money to bank accounts in real time, 24X7 through bux

TerraPay, a mobile payments switch, has announced that it has partnered with bux, a mobile app money transfer service, to launch anywhere, UK and Europe to India.

The partnership with TerraPay and bux is making sending money to India cheaper and more convenient, stated the company, because it can now be done from a mobile phone with just a few taps. Bux customers have the freedom to safely and instantly transfer money, 24X7, to bank accounts in India from their mobile phones through the mobile application.

bux’s money transfer service offers compelling benefits to expats, foreign workers, international students and migrants, including access to low cost, anytime, anywhere secure money transfers, up to 45% cheaper than competitors. Traditionally when sending money home, migrants would have to put up with expensive trips to agent locations or bank branches, high fees and transaction times of up to a week to send small value transfers.

Ambar Sur, founder and CEO at TerraPay said: “The partnership between TerraPay and bux aims to add value to the growing remittance market. We are proud to increase the speed and convenience with which people in Australia and Hong Kong can send money to friends and family in India. Our partnership with bux will help the migrants by providing a real time, 24X7 and seamless money transfer service experience.”

Andrew Webber, MD at bux, added: “We are very excited about our partnership with TerraPay and adding India as a send money destination in the bux app. This partnership means that bux customers can now send money home to India from Australia, the UK and Europe anytime, anywhere. Adding this growing remittance corridor to the app will ensure continued customer growth for bux. We are proud that we can now provide the Indian diaspora around the globe an easier, cheaper and safer way to send money home.”


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