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Vendors can now test launch readiness of apps and devices as Ericsson launches Device and Application Verification service

Ericsson has introduced its Device and Application Verification service for vendors, with the aim of ensuring consumers get a high quality user experience from launch date.

Up until now only smartphones have been tested by Ericsson in this way. With the introduction of the Device and Application Verification service, it is now possible to verify the quality of applications and M2M devices too.

The approach ¬taken at Ericsson's Experience Labs all over the world helps vendors make devices more network-friendly and enables operators to make networks more device-friendly. It also reduces lead times and verification costs, claimed Ericsson.

By connecting to an operator's live network, Ericsson's Experience labs help vendors verify device and application performance to meet the operator's validation and acceptance tests. Ericsson's automated verification tools help to accelerate the process to ensure that devices comply with regulatory, international and specific network requirements.

Paolo Colella, head of consulting and systems integration at Ericsson, said: 'Here, device and application vendors have a lot to gain, especially when it comes to providing users with a high quality experience of seamless, hassle-free services. Ensuring readiness before launching new devices and apps can also help build customer and brand loyalty, and attract new users.'

Any type of device or application can also be verified automatically, and certain KPIs may be monitored, for example, signalling load, data load and battery consumption.


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