Top mobile start ups chosen by Mobile World Capital Barcelona


Sweden’s Newstag selected as a top international start up by Mobile World Capital Barcelona

Stockholm-based Newstag, a mobile-first video news service, has been selected as one of 15 top start ups in an international contest to recognise the most innovative use of mobile technology in business.

The entrepreneurial ventures were picked during this year’s GSMA Mobile World Congress by Mobile World Capital Barcelona, the not-for-profit foundation established to promote the latest mobile technology globally. The selection criteria included a high level of innovation, potential for growth and global positioning and economic or social impact.

The award forms part of Mobile World Capital Barcelona’s programme of entrepreneurship designed to promote international innovation in the mobile ecosystem, called 4 Years From Now (4YFN).

The business platform, established to help start ups grow, is focused on building ideas and forging lasting relationships for international start ups, investors and corporations. The highlight of the programme is a 4YFN event devoted to innovation in the mobile ecosystem.

Alongside the other finalists, Newstag will be joining the 4YFN delegation to exhibit at DLD Tel Aviv this September. At the three day conference Newstag will take part in the programme designed to showcase its platform to the tech entrepreneurship community.

Other finalist include: Adele Robots, which works to find out how robots can be integrated into society; Navigine, a navigation company; The Social Coin that helps to promote acts of kindness through local actions that increase building human interaction and motivate social change; D-Wave, helping companies to benefit from the opportunities created by the use of safe and effective digital technologies; Galf, a golfing app; Softmogul, aiming to make accommodation easy; and onebip, a global mobile payment service.

Said Camilla Dahlin-Andersson, Newstag founder and chairman: “We are delighted that our new platform for creating and sharing video news content has been recognised with this award. It’s a huge endorsement and a great honour to be selected as one of the most innovative companies using mobile technology by the world’s largest mobile organisation.”

Newstag’s pioneering approach to the distribution and consumption of news brings together video news stories from professional content producers around the world, including AP, AFP and Reuters, as well as top brands. By radically rebalancing the traditional relationships between industry stakeholders, Newstag aims to make journalism sustainable through a proper funding stream.

Newstag launched a public beta version of the platform in mid-June 2015 and has grown rapidly since, now reaching a global audience of users in more than 200 countries consuming nearly two million streams per week.

Commented Victor Alexiev, director of research and development and co-founder at Newstag: “At this important point in Newstag’s development we’re very excited to be joining 4YFN in Tel Aviv as it’ll be a great opportunity to meet and learn from fellow entrepreneurs and potential investors.”

The Newstag service enables users to create their own ‘tagstream’, a personalised TV channel, in seconds, organising, consuming and sharing the stories that they care about among their social networks using the latest web and mobile technologies. The wide variety of stories from trusted sources ranges from entertainment to current affairs.

These stories are available from a number of different perspectives, putting users at the heart of the experience and in complete control. The result is a platform that allows converging viewpoints to be presented side by side, creating contrasting frames of reference.

Consumers can also take action by supporting causes and research they think are important. A part of Newstag’s revenues are available for users to allocate to charitable, NGO and NPO partners, such as WFP, the Red Cross and Oxfam. The more they watch and share, the higher their impact. Charities, NGOs and agencies joining this new media model will also be able to provide video news content to users on international initiatives, using the platform both to fundraise and communicate.



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