Turkcell uses Zen Technology for network operations


SysMech's Zen Big Data Applications Family provides real time fault analysis for Turkey's biggest network provider

Turkcell, one of the world's top 10 network providers, is being supported by SysMech's Zen Big Data Applications Family, which was behind the cell site optimisation, planning and monitoring of the London 2012 Olympics.

Zen is helping Turkcell to recover from network failures by correlating, in real time, information from the network and identifying the root cause of the failure. This means less alarms to investigate, quicker recovery from failures, and increased service availability.

Turkcell operates one of the largest single mobile networks in Europe with 32 million subscribers, which means there is a lot of data that needs monitoring to ensure its network operates consistently at full potential and delivers the best customer experience. This requires a lot of time, resource, energy and money, and inevitably many issues can occur.

One example of these network problems is when there is a power failure at a Base Transceiver Station (BTS) and several different sympathetic alarms are generated. Zen identifies the underlying problem, the power failure at the BTS, and aggregates these sympathetic alarms, summarising the failure in a single alarm. This solution delivers operational costs savings, as well as operational efficiency, and an increase in service availability.

'We constantly look for ways to maintain our excellent customer experience, and have made significant investment in our network management infrastructure. We knew we needed a time-based event analysis solution to achieve what we wanted,' said Safak Yorucu, network and service solutions manager at Turkcell. 'We discovered that only Zen can provide what we need. Zen technology is able to diagnose the root cause of a network problem in a manner which other technologies cannot.'


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