Viaccess-Orca launches TV everywhere as a service


New cloud-based service for OTT multiscreen TV enables service providers to increase flexibility and agility

Viaccess-Orca, protection and enhancement of content services business, has announced the launch of Voyage – TV everywhere as a service (TVaaS), for TV viewing from any device. This is a new cloud-based over the top (OTT) TV everywhere (TVE) service that simplifies multiscreen service delivery, increasing flexibility, reducing costs, and speeding up service launch times for operators.

Running on Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure, Voyage – TVaaS is integrated with the content delivery network (CDN) from Akamai as well as AWS CloudFront, with the option to swiftly add in other off-net and operator CDNs.

Voyage – TVaaS enables quick and easy monetisation of the multiscreen environment, managing the entire content preparation and distribution workflow from transcoding to packaging, encryption, publishing, recommendations, and delivery. Using Voyage – TVaaS, pay TV operators and content providers can deliver high quality on-demand and live video to subscribers anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

“Cloud technology is a major disruptive force in the TV industry, enhancing all points of the TV service chain, from content preparation and distribution to personalization of experience. Voyage – TVaaS is the most complete cloud-based TV service available on the market today, offering content security, management, and delivery,” said Paul Molinier, CEO at Viaccess-Orca.

“Through our secure, managed cloud TV service operators and content providers can dramatically reduce their CAPEX, increase scalability, and adapt to the changing demands of a marketplace in flux,  which is important for staying competitive in today’s evolving industry,” added Molinier.

Voyage – TVaaS is powered by Viaccess-Orca’s award-winning products: RiGHTv service delivery platform, COMPASS  content discovery and personalization platform, and Connected Sentinel DRM including Viaccess-Orca’s secure video player.

Voyage – TVaaS offers security for any device, including those embedding a Trusted Execution Environment and a secure media path, enabling service providers to guarantee secure 4K/UHD/HDR content delivery. By using Voyage – TVaaS, operators can distribute content securely to set top boxes, tablets, smartphones, and other connected devices based on a suite of DRM technologies including Microsoft PlayReady, Widevine, and Viaccess-Orca’s proprietary digital rights management (DRM.)

Voyage – TVaaS also improves subscriber engagement via personalised apps and content discovery tools. The service includes Voyage Apps, which are designed to be simple and intuitive for subscribers, allowing effortless exploration and discovery of relevant and compelling content across all devices.

In addition, the new service includes comprehensive tools to monetise content and maximise return on investment while complying with content owners’ individual requirements. A variety of fully featured business models are available, enabling operators and content providers to quickly tailor their multiscreen TV services depending on market conditions. New services supporting a variety of business models can be launched in a few simple steps.

As a cloud service, Voyage – TVaaS enables service providers to respond to dynamic market conditions across the TV industry, meet consumer demands, and introduce new technologies. Updates and upgrades are made easy and provided as part of the service offering.


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