Vodafone broadband and home phone services launch


Router and updated mobile app gives customers seamless control over broadband in the home

Now anyone in nearly 22 million premises across the UK will be able to benefit from Vodafone’s nationwide fibre optic, business-grade network which gives customers the benefits of broadband speeds of up to 76 Mbps.

Until today the service has only been available to existing Vodafone mobile customers, but it is now available to both existing and new customers across the UK.

In addition, to celebrate the launch, anyone signing up will receive a year’s worth of Netflix at no additional cost.

Vodafone’s network currently reaches exchanges which pass around 22 million premises across the UK. Combined with the plug-and-play Vodafone router, the service delivers speed, reliability, unlimited data and cutting edge features.

The newly updated Vodafone Connect mobile app, coupled with the router, offers a range of features that give customers greater control over the devices in the home, with settings for a number of uses. ‘Boost’ allows customers to supercharge any device connected to their home network, giving that device priority over others, while ‘Beam’, which uses Beamforming technology, focuses Wi-Fi signal to compatible devices wherever they are in the home.

Grouped settings are now available, such as ‘Family’ which customises the experience, allowing users to easily manage and set time limits on certain devices, giving control over when Wi-Fi is available and when it is not, or ‘Guest Wi-Fi’ allows controlled Wi-Fi access to household guests in one click.

In addition, users can also control the Wi-Fi protected set up (WPS) function of the router from the app, so setting up compatible devices into a network at home, such as printers, speakers and phone, is easier than ever.

Vodafone Red (pay monthly mobile) customers will also get inclusive calls anytime to UK landlines, plus 300 free minutes to UK mobile numbers. And every customer gets inclusive evening and weekend calls to UK landline numbers, plus discounted Sure Signal units to boost mobile coverage indoors if necessary.

Cindy Rose, consumer director at Vodafone UK, said: “We are delighted that we are now able to bring our innovative new home broadband service to people across the UK, allowing them to share in the great experience many of our existing customers are already enjoying. Our customers are loving the fact that they can control their home broadband from their smartphones and tablets. With the introduction of Vodafone home broadband combined with our ultrafast 4G, Vodafone is now well positioned to satisfy all of our customers’ connectivity needs, both at home and on the go.”

Vodafone’s market leading Vodafone Connect router will be provided free to customers. It utilises the latest Wi-Fi technology, allowing priority to be given to a chosen device, supercharging Wi-Fi for seamless video streaming and gaming.


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