Vodafone Ireland launches high speed mobile Wi-Fi


Only Irish operator to offer mobile Wi-Fi dual carrier speeds

Vodafone Ireland has launched a new high speed mobile Wi-Fi hub device. Exclusive to Vodafone, the new device provides the fastest mobile Wi-Fi speeds in the Irish market.

Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi now enables businesses to seamlessly work on the move or even set up a pop-up office while remaining constantly connected through high speed mobile broadband.

With 89% of Irish businesses already using mobile data according to Vodafone's own research, this new mobile Wi-Fi device will deliver the bandwidth required by business to carry out work anywhere, as if they were in the office.

Business customers will experience download speeds of up to four times faster than  standard mobile broadband, dependent on the price plan selected, stated Vodafone Ireland.  Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi provides businesses with the Wi-Fi hub plus the opportunity to connect up to 10 users at any one time, two data packages to choose from depending on specific business needs, and speeds up to four times faster than standard mobile broadband. Laura Conlon-McKenna, business data manager, Vodafone Ireland, said: 'With our ongoing network investment which includes nationwide network upgrades, along with the launch of this new high speed device, businesses can now take advantage of the fastest mobile Wi-Fi speeds available in the Irish market.

'We know that a lot of our customers already use mobile broadband but with the portable Wi-Fi, they can now easily create small mobile offices in any location where they want to work. We've received a great response from customers; some have already created mobile offices and launched truly innovative services. As a result they are experiencing increased productivity and new revenue streams.'


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