Vodafone launches MachineLink 3G


Vodafone to showcase latest M2M innovations in GSMA Connected City at Mobile World Congress 2013

This year at Mobile World Congress in Barcleona, Vodafone, together with its partners Accenture, Digi, Intel and SAP, will exhibit the latest machine to machine (M2M) technology in the GSMA Connected City. Vodafone will introduce MachineLink 3G, a device tailormade by Vodafone, while showcasing the innovative use of M2M applications within the home, healthcare, security, retail and energy and utility environments.

Vodafone MachineLink 3G has been launched to meet the global demand for a reliable and cost effective M2M terminal that can be easily integrated with any sort of IP or Ethernet-type applications across a broad cross section of industries. It sets out to bring standardisation to the M2M industry by offering simplicity and cost reduction in M2M hardware rollouts.

Visitors to the GSMA Connected City will be able to see how Vodafone M2M and mobile technology can enable people to accurately monitor, control and reduce their energy usage. Vodafone will showcase its latest solution for monitoring energy data, which will allow attendees to track energy usage at Vodafone's Connected House in real time.

Vodafone M2M demonstrations at Mobile World Congress will include Vodafone connected cabinets, illustrating how M2M will transform retail display cabinets into connected, intelligent assets able to report their location, operational status and stock levels in real time. Also, Vodafone smart home automation, showcasing how M2M technology can be used to control everything in the home from energy management and security, to remotely locking and unlocking doors.

The operator is also demonstrating Vodafone smart city, about how M2M technology can be used to support smart city agendas by enabling the remote monitoring and control of street lights, and Vodafone vehicle connect, highlighting how M2M technology can be used to track driver behaviour and enable car manufacturers and insurance companies to offer insurance services based on driver behaviour and related risk.


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