WiseSec gets wise to smart homes


Bluetooth-based technology facilitate smart home evolution with universal IoT product

Mobile World Congress: Israeli mobile solutions innovator, WiseSec, today announced the launch of a pioneering Internet of Things (IoT) product for the home or office that enables remote control of devices through a Bluetooth-enabled beacon and  smartphone application.

WiseSec’s tiny beacons are universally compatible to enable control of any infrared (IR) household device, including TVs, DVD players, air conditioning units and remote-controlled appliances, via its original application.

“Mobile connectivity is increasingly defining how we live, as so many daily tasks and activities are carried out with the help of mobile devices,” said Vadim Maor, founder and CEO of WiseSec. “Our company has embraced this growing reality with the use of Bluetooth-based technology to facilitate keyless entry, mobile payments and banking applications. WiseSec identified an extended use of these applications as mobile device control of household items. Our new product is the only one available that can be fully and universally integrated into all IR-enabled devices.”

The WiseSec offering is slated for commercial availability within the next three months. The IoT consumer product will provide a user friendly, cost effective method for connecting consumers’ smart homes.  The product is accessible from distances of up to twenty meters around the home and furthermore, an add-on first of its kind network bridge option enables users to access their home devices remotely from anywhere in the globe, thereby achieving a true ‘master’ online remote control.


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