Astonished: Apple announces $17,000 smartwatch


Will you be buying one?

Last night Apple revealed shocking prices for its new range of smartwatches, which were originally unveiled in September last year. The most expensive device, named ‘Edition’, will be available in rose gold and will cost $17,000 (£13,500), aimed at Apple aficionados with nothing better to do with their money.

Despite doing nothing beyond what any other smartwatch available on the market can already do, Apple is relying on its reputation for cool high end devices to help sell what is going to be, once again, kit without the extra caboodle, just like its smartphones over recent years.

Apple’s range of three smartwatches are available in two sizes; 38mm and 42mm. The mid range smartwatch, called unoriginally ‘Watch’, will cost from $549 (£365) to $1,099 (£730), depending on the size and choice of strap, while the starter end watch called ‘Sport’ starts at $349 (£230). Edition comes in an 18 carat gold case with a sapphire screen and prices for these limited edition pieces start at $10,000 (£8,000) up to the top end price of almost $20,000.

Each device must be connected to an iPhone via Bluetooth in order to display notifications including texts, incoming calls, and specially developed apps. Apps for the devices include those from BMW so you can use a watch to open your car, and United Airlines has an app that means users can check into their flights. On a health kick, the devices also track user heart rates and physical activity, prompting users to move if they have been stationary for too long.

While Apple has confirmed that it will be possible to replace the batteries on its new range of watches, next year when it launches the next version of each device, what are you going to do with your rather expensive gold one? Hand it to your grandchild as an heirloom that will be by then the equivalent of a Macintosh Classic 1990’s edition? It’s not exactly got the same timeless appeal as a Rolex, but you could buy yourself a very nice Rolex for less.

The first watches will be available on 24 April in Australia, China, Japan, the UK and US. Empty that piggy bank!


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